Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Zoo

When we had Palyn for a couple of days during Spring Break, I was excited about all of the fun activities I had planned for us. My mom had been telling her that we were going to the zoo and she was already making little monkey noises when I picked her up! "We goin to zoo?? See monkeys?? eee eee, ooo ooo!" And she would do her little arms like monkeys.

When we first arrived to the zoo, we came upon a black bear. And what do you think the first thing sweet cousin Caden said to her? "Look Palyn, there's a bear! He is coming to get you!!" So this is P, screaming that she's scared and doesn't want it to come get her. Bless her, (and me!)

The monkeys that she had been so excited to see!

Passing here, I asked, "Look Palyn, what's that?"
Her response? "A cave. Ive been in there."

Of course to her, this was "Baby Jaguar"
You know, from Diego.

This little man meant he was getting some leaves.
His arms were stretched way out at one point.

Showing Palyn a turtle.

They have a nice park, and the kids loved running around and playing.

Monkey see, Monkey do

We found a few peacocks strolling down the path, and they thought it would be great to sneak up on them. They didnt scare them or anything though!

This one hopped right up on the fence, then hopped down into another animals exhibit.

And wahh la! It was very pretty!

Then we went into "Parakeet Cove"
The kids can feed the birds in there, theyll even land and sit on you.

Palyn trying her best to feed one!

She was scared again when one came a little too close to her!

sweet love birds!

After making our rounds with the animals, they asked to go back to the park. They played a bit more before we made another round of visiting animals. We found out that a zoo membership for a family of four is very reasonable and plan to get one once we are moved and settled. If your family goes twice, you have already spent more than a membership. It only makes sense, especially since we will be so close. We spent about 4 hours there and she was worn out! She feel asleep on the way home, however when I layed her in bed and tried wiping her feet off, she was up and ready for round two. We stopped for a yogurt treat on our way to Publix, and later had CiCi's Pizza with Shane. The next morning we headed south for our Tata's and the beach. I always enjoy my time with our sweet girl, but those two together are SOMETHING ELSE!

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