Monday, August 13, 2012

End of Summer 2012

Last week began pretty great with an amazing church service on priorities. After church, Shane played golf and Caden and I picked up this pretty little girl. Monday, we spent a few hours at the Y where she braved the toddler slide for the first time!

How much do you love those goggles on her? And those braids, which we call "Rapunzel hair"!

I love how much she is like my mom and I, check out that hand on her hip, Miss Priss is an understatement! Notice Caden's jacket? He is always trying to be in character, and this I am guessing, was his motorcycle jacket?!

Last night, He was dressed in all black pants, jacket, and toboggan, while hiding under the trampoline...he was a robber!

I made this door hanger from wedding decor. Basically, Just added the burlap!

While we grilled steaks, the cousins enjoyed old fashion sprinkler fun on the trampoline! There is no greater sound than hearing them laugh and play together!!

We have been getting school supplies ready and since Caden has never had book covers, he was a little confused on what exactly this was!!

On Tuesday, I had a meeting and they had our first babysitter in our new town. She is such a sweetheart and has the best manners! I met her at VBS and hope that they didnt scare her away from ever coming back! We left for my mom's that afternoon and didnt do much once we made it there, since she was working.

Caden finally put together his Prince of Persia lego set that mom had for him!

Wednesday evening, we went to Lulu's. My mom works there and I love the atmosphere! They have so much for the kids to do while the adults just relax!

Thursday, we were going to Pensacola Beach until the rain changed our plans when we arrived. So we packed everything back up and went to a place the locals like. I was sure to let my mom's friends check out all of our Mary Kay goodies while relaxing!
Julianne and Lydia

That evening we went over to cook out with her friends. The food was so good and we finished our evening with this game!

I won and little man came in a close 2nd! Cant wait to show Shane our skills!:)
You have to ignore my hair in this! ha!

We were all tired and looking rough, but it was such a fun night!

We had to leave our Tata on Friday morning, but not before a yummy french toast and pancake breakfast at Miss Kittys!! We probably wont see my mom or Palyn again until our birthday in October, and were missing them already!

I am loving all of the positivity on my FB newsfeed! I want my words and actions to lift up and encourage others! Love this cute quote!


Rebecca Caviness said...

love your love with the quote.

Brittany said...

thanks bec bec!! i love it too!