Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Date Weekend

I came home exhausted from my mom's on Friday afternoon. Shane and I have had Six Flags tickets all summer and haven't had a chance to go. I have refused to go on a Saturday. To me, it is not worth the trip when you spend hours in line and only get to ride 4 rides the entire day. He had taken off on Monday, but we found out that last week was the park's last week to be open other than weekends. BUMMER! We decided that we would go the next day (Sat.), but we would HAVE to get a Flash Pass. Those get pretty pricey so I have never gotten one before, I just knew our trip would be wasted if we didn't have one.

I made arrangements for Caden to stay with my Dad, then Shane pulled out a gift cert. that we have had since Cmas from his sister to Springhouse Restaurant. I was so excited about more alone time with him! So we got fixed up and headed to take C to my Dad.

The restaurant was nice and very good, but it came an awful storm while we were in there! Thank God it slowed down enough for us to get back on the road! One of my fave parts of the night was when I asked Shane what his favorite part of being married so far was...he thought a bit, then said coming home to us there waiting for him. So sweet! I love that part of our day too!

We drove an hour and 15 min to take Caden, another hour to the restaurant, another hour back home. Then on Sat, 3 hours to Six Flags, 2 hours back to get Caden, and another hour 15 back home!! Exhausted from driving alone!! But we got our alone time!:)

When picking out his clothes for the day, Shane chose his Bama shirt. So I said, alright, Ill wear my Auburn shirt just to make you look better!;) After arriving and both receiving a "Roll Tide- War Eagle" I said that we were having a contest on who could get the most that day! And after posting the below pic on FB, our "friends" wanted to participate too! In the park, we got 5-5, but several funny comments from the game announcers like, "Bet that's awkward on gameday!" Shane swears he got more, but bless him and his aging memory!:) JK! Oh and I by far won on the fb post! War Eagle!

But just so there's no confusion come football season, I am sure I will be attending a Bama game or two with him...so no evil stares!!:)

The fast pass worked out great! We went with the gold and every time we would get scanned in at one ride, we would sign up for the next ride, so the only time we had any wait, was if we wanted the front. Which, is almost every ride to me!! I swear I am like a kid on those things! We actually rode everything 2 times and ended up leaving fairly early, around 5 I think. And since we all know how pricey that place is on food, we stopped by O Charley's on our way home. Don't judge me for putting away 5 rolls, I was starving! Those are so good and just sitting there!! I tried to make up for it by eating this salad for dinner, this is seriously, my favorite summer dinner! So so good! And maybe I had a bite or 3 of Shane's steak :/

It is important to get away for a bit, and with our honeymoon being this year, we have been spoiled this summer! I hope know we will always make time for each other. Things get out of balance when you don't have time for God first and time for your spouse second. Our series in church right now is on relationships. God, Spouse, Kids, Work, Hobbies. Each Sunday we will break those down and this week was our relationship with God. Next week will be Spouse and I elbowed Shane and whispered, "Don't work next week!" This Sunday was a day in the life that I have always dreamed of. No, we didn't do anything out of the ordinary. We began the morning with our service, then we went to a special "Faith Sharing class". After church, friends came over. She and I went to a Vi shake tasting party and the men spent time here with the kids grilling. When we came back dinner was almost ready and we spent the evening chatting and playing around with them! It really is the simply things in life that keep my heart full.

Shane and Chas took turns jumping with the boys!


emilie. said...

Loved this blog. So sweet.

Brittany said...

thanks girl!! you should blog more! I swear youll forget things if you dont!!:)