Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Days at the Y

Shane signed us up at the YMCA when we moved here, right before summer. I have been really impressed with how nice they are here in our town. There are three branches, each having something different as its focus. The one we visit weekly, has two pools each with big slides. One is a pool for smaller children, the other for the big kids and adults. The first few times we went, Caden was scared to slide or jump off of the diving board. It wasn't because he thought he would get hurt, he has done both many times at other places. I think he was nervous about everyone watching him, the new kid, when they were doing no such thing. He finally slid and jumped on Father's Day which I wrote about here. When we first began going, I would have to find a little boy that looked about his age and make small talk about the things Caden liked, then I would introduce them and they'd become buds. I know, his mom had to make his friends, but now he is completely comfortable on his own!!

Every Tuesday night, they have Family night and invite the families out for games and usually dinner. (Pizza, hot dogs, and chic-fil-a) The games are hula hoop contest, cannon ball contest, relay races, etc.)

Working out! ;)

We go at least once or twice a week. He used to be ready to leave after about 2 hours and now I have to pull him out after 4 hours. I have met quite a few ladies out there as well, so that is always fun!! I am so glad that we have this to keep us busy this summer! It has been great!

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