Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First of 3rd Grade

Last year when I knew that we Caden would be attending a new school this year, it kind of made me want to throw up! We were so used to knowing everyone in town and the thought of being the new people made me nervous. But, so far it has been great! I have learned that in this town, there are always new kids so no one really knows that you are "the new kid". Its a lot bigger than where were from so all of these kids didnt already know each other anyway. Those things have helped a lot! Plus all of the wonderful things about the school makes it an easier transition. He was in best Caden form on Meet your Teacher day, silly silly! Of course, these pics were all made with my phone!
Mrs. Burke, his homeroom teacher.
Yes, he is old enough to change classes. Sigh.

He said, "I want to take a silly one", as I was telling him how busy she was, she said, "let's do it!"

This is is second block teacher, Mrs. Perkins!
She seemed fun as well!

He is an Eagle now!
We saw a little girl that we were chatting with and when she wasnt around I said, "Shes cute!" not expecting Caden to come back with. "I know!"
We always make favors for our class any chance we get and I was stumped on finding something that wasnt too childish but wasnt too expensive. I remembered having a 24 pack of #2 pencils in our closet and found these printables. He added "from Caden" on the back.

I can not believe that I have a 3rd grader. I remember what I wore my first day of 3rd grade! Crazy, I know! This little guy is so special to me and I am very sad to see our summer of hanging out end. We had so much fun!

I went to wash and vacuum out my car after dropping him off and realized that he left his lunchbox in the car. I had to take it back to him and Shane laughed saying that I hid it from him so that I could see him again! NOT TRUE! I dint even see him! I left it in the office! I finished all of my running around by 11 and was bored the rest of the day! I couldnt wait to pick him up and see how it went!

He loved his "First Day of School" cookie!
New tradition, yes!
I can not believe how much this second photo is like me!!
Don't goooo!!

He has been having a great time and been ready to go to school with no problem! So thankful for this easy transition!
Lets look back at our other first days....


First Grade-2010

Second Grade-2011

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