Friday, August 17, 2012

Show Us Your Life- Porches

Today, I am linking up again with Kelly's Korner to show you our porches. Now, we dont have too much of a front porch! I read in an article once that "back in the good ol days", everyone had a front porch. It was an inviting gesture for neighbors and friends to come over and have tea and coffee and solve the world's problems on those wonderful front porches. I dream of having a cozy one someday. There is something so southern and homey about a great front porch!

Here is our front door!

I had the plants by the door, but they werent getting any sunlight!

Our back patio-
patio set, grill, outdoor fireplace, and firewood....
all hidden under there!

I was so proud of my plants mid summer, but now the Geraniums have taken a  turn and I cant seem to get them back in shape :(

Let's all dream in Pinterest land for a bit!

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

Thanks for stopping by, now you can go check out the other front porches on Kelly's Korner!


Rebecca Caviness said...

LOL dream in pinterest land !! I would love for my back yard to look like that also..however there are toys everywhere in mine your door hanger by the way :) miss you love!

Brittany said...

miss you too bec!