Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Christmas Cards

This year, it was obvious to me that we would use shots from our wedding for our Christmas cards. It was, after all, the highlight of our year! Shane didnt like the idea of it at first. I am not sure why he doesnt just trust me on these things!! I mean, I know what looks good! Ha! So to settle the confusion, a facebook status confirmed my idea was the route to go when I had an overwhelming amount of comments and "likes". (I would never post any serious debates for the public to settle, btw) It was early November when I began playing around with our cards and shopping around for the best price. I made the selection based on 1) price 2) fun design and 3) three spots for pics. I chose this from Shutterfly and was having to much fun to end there! I began one for my sister, too. After placing an order for our cards, we received a confirmation email, then another the following day staing they had shipped out! Seriously! I had them in two days and it wasnt even Thanksgiving yet! It was hard to keep them boxed up waiting until later to send out!

We also chose Shutterfly to make a large wedding photo book for ourselves and 4 small ones for our parents! They loved them as Christmas gifts! We had a great experience with Shutterfly and plan to use them for many more cards and photobooks! I also made a deal with my sis that I would be in charge of her cards every year as her birthday present from us!

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