Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jingle 2012

I have to admit that our Jingle was a lazy little elf this year! He began the year out a little later than usual. (CODE FOR--- I couldnt remember where I stashed him during the move and had a small freak out when I couldnt put him out at his usual arrival time/ spot) Sometimes, he would go 2, maybe 3 nights in a row without moving. Once, Caden was so aggrivated that he hadnt move that he put a note on Jingle about how he could "travel anywhere in the universe he pleased, and even use this spaceship Caden left out for him, but it would be delightful for him to just move!!! (My kid said delightful, Ha!) Caden was so excited to see that he had for sure landed on the space ship that night and this mama felt a little guity that it had gotten to the point of a desperate letter to have Jingle move. Year 3 of our little friend from the North Pole was just a little less creative and out of ideas. I know he still loved his visit the same, and I am hoping it wont be our last year with a believing little boy. Anyways, here are the few that were picture worthy. (I also had a  warning in early Dec from my childless best friend that she "wasnt looking at those elf pics everyday", and I was limited to one a week!) Due to lack of creativeness I followed through on her request, mostly! Love you, Em!
Arriving on our tree, as he does every year!

Sno ball fight with Palyn's Ken doll

 Most days, he could be found hanging out in high places. Some times easier to spot than others. Thank you for another fun year, Jingle. I almost thought we lost ya, literally! See you next year!

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