Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Christmas Morning

Our night before Christmas, the kids stayed up pretty late, which kept us up even later. With the fear of missing out on their sweet reactions that morning, the grown ups were up about 6am. Hanging around, waiting on them, scared to even get a shower because I may miss them! Eventually, Miss Palyn woke up and refused to get started until her Caden could join her. She went in to wake him up!
So sweet, those two are!

Caden's Santa
as well as gifts from his parents, Tata and RyRy
I usually let the biggest gift and the unwrappable gifts be from Santa...this year that was his Kindle Fire and his spy goggles.

Palyn got most of her gifts from her mom and Tata before they left home.
This is her Santa, and gifts from them plus us.

Lets start by looking at a few of our Princess girl!

Big Sister book from us!

Leap Pad 2 from her mom and Tata

Stocking from us

And we made her wait, blindfolded, on Uncle Shane to bring in her big present from us!

She ran and jumped in his arms!

(Palyn is my niece, if anyone is confused!)
And here is our big boy..
He got a lot of new Bama clothes this year,
 so I guess I am left to be the only Auburn fan in the house!

Spy Gear walkie talkies and goggles to add to his watch

been asking for this game

new shoes

He has been asking for Gak for so long!
Love that excited face!

Pogo stick!

He loves his Tata!

Stocking time!

I love being able to spend our Christmas mornings with both of our babies! and I know my mom is glad to have them both in the same place as well!!!
*Please know that this post is not about bragging or showing off, it is mostly for memories sake and for fam that is curious.
We hope you all had a wonderful Cmas morning with your babies! Praying for everyone that spent the morning hurting after the loss of a loved one or anything else.
This is how our Christmas schedule went down (in case anyone was confused!)....

  • Sat evening we had Cmas with my Stepmoms fam
  • Sun morning we went to church and that afternoon my mom, sis, and Palyn arrived
  • We treat Christmas eve eve as Christmas eve, and Cmas eve as Cmas Day. Because of our schedules, this works best for our fams to be able to throughly enjoy our time together, no stressing on time and allowing the kids more play time together.
  • Sun evening the kids got to open 1 gift a piece (Cmas Eve tradition)
  • After the kids were settled on Sun night, we had adult gift swapping with Shane, my mom, and sis..we did this so the next morning could be centered around the kids!
  • Monday morning was our Santa morning, our Cmas Day
  • Mon lunch, his mom and sister's fams joined us all for lunch and gift swapping
  • Mon evening both of our fams attended our Candlelight service at our church
  • Tuesday morning, everyone else's Cmas day, we were able to relax and enjoy new goodies while getting ready to travel down to my Dad's fam Cmas and one of my other aunts house. (See what I mean, thats why we dont have this as our Santa day, kids know no difference in the dates!)
  • Wed morning, mom, sis and I took advantage of the sales. After lunch, they headed home and we traveled to Shane's dads for Cmas with them.
This my friends, is why we change up our scheds! Everything else is as traditional as can be, just changing the dates a bit!

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