Saturday, December 29, 2012

Connect Group Cmas Party

Our church has connect groups that meet throughout the week. You pick the group that seems the best fit for your family's season of life and schedule, then attend weekely to discuss the message from the previous Sunday. You develop relationships, as it is sometimes harder to do in larger churches. I am a member of two connect groups, one is a "stay/work at home mom/wife" group on Friday mornings when I am not subbing, and the other is the "couples with young children" group that Shane and I attend together on Wed evenings while Caden attends Awana. Both of these groups have been such a  blessing to us this first semester and I look forward to growing closer to the Lord and the other members of each group.
The Ladies Party was fun, we just all hung out and ate yummy food that we brought. We brought gifts and swapped around a few times. I brought "The Resolution for Women" book because I loved it so much this summer, and I took home Bath and Body Works hand soap.
Maria, Myself, and Talonna

Myself and Cara

Emily, Amber, Cara, and Rebecca

Amber and Myself

Erica and her sweet girl, Elise!
We missed our other group members that were unable to attend!
Our other party was later that weekend, but I didnt take any pics. Our kids were there, so that kept us too busy for pics! For both parties, I made a bean dip from Pinterest.
 For many months before I moved to our new town, I prayed for God to place godly, encouraging friends in our lives, and there is no doubt that He showered us with many more than I could have imagined! We have already been blessed with many friendships in this short 6 months!!

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