Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Class C-mas Party

First of all, I just have to say WOW at the blogging break I have had! I am so behind, but luckily I dont blog for reader count, I blog for memeories. Therefore, the post all will make it up, just not as soon as I wish they had! I wish I would have posted my decor and Christmas card in time for fun link-ups but, maybe next year!
Caden had his class Christmas party the Thursday before Cmas. He loves his new school so much that he never wants to take the breaks for holidays! His class had boys and girls bring a $5 unisex gift and played the left/ right story game. We brought UNO cards and took home Crazy 8 cards. There were a lot of games because anythign else is hard to make unisex. They also made the waffle cone tree craft, which was cute..but those babies were sugared up like crazy!!!


Goody bags from Caden

They ended the party with another game of musical chairs. His friend was the winner but he was second! We have thoroughly enjoyed our first semester at his new school!! Excited that he has a couple of more years there!


Elenie Counts said...

Fun! Caden is such a cutie. Hope y'alls Christmas was wonderful!

brittany parrott said...

thank you! hope yours was as well with your new little man!!