Friday, June 22, 2012

First Father's Day

Our Father's Day began waking up in a Honeymoon Suite at the Marriott. Shane and I headed downstairs to what seemed like the best breakfast buffet ever! After filling up on 2 rounds to the buffett, we got another little nap in before we got up and got ready for our 11 o clock church service. (The church that we attend has the services in the ballroom of the Marriott. Which I am completely great with, being that it is not the "building" that makes up the church. Most of the money raised goes to missions which makes me even happier!) The service was ahhhmazing, just as every other service is there, but I was so glad that Shane was able to be there on his first father's day!

After the service, we went home to find my exhausted mom ready to hit the road home. She and my sister had put our house back together from the day before when all of my bridesmaids and myself spent the day getting ready. She was also sleep deprived from my wedding cake and watermelon devouring son keeping her up ALLLLL night long.

Shane, Caden, and I spent the rest of the evening at the Y playing in the pool, soaking up the sun, and just enjoying our first day as a real family!:)

Caden is a great swimmer, this was just a picture of him and Shane playing together.

The Y always has games and contest. This day was all about the dads! Shane participated in the Dad's cannonball contest! How cute is he in line playing with his ring?!

Way to go Dad!:)

All of the Dad's participating were rewarded with an icee!

We have been to the Y a few times without Shane, but this time was Caden's first down the bigger slides and jumping off of the diving board. He was "too shy" the other times.

Shane bought this hat to keep his head from being burned a few weeks ago and Caden wanted to match him. I found his and it was one of Caden's gifts for the wedding.

Who ended up with the icee?!

Finally Married!!

That evening a few friends came over to try to help finish off a ton of leftovers from the rehearsal and wedding. We even sent them home with food, and it didnt even make a dent it them! I hated throwing food away after awhile!

And this may be your first shot from the wedding, but I wanted to make sure not to leave daddy out of this Father's Day post!!:)

Hope everyone else had a fabulous Father's Day!

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