Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back Yard BBQ Shower

Its getting time for my fourth wedding of the year, and this time it is for my best friend, Julie. We threw her and David a couple's shower with a Backyard BBQ theme. But since they had BBQ food at the engagement party, we went with burgers, corn, baked beans, pasta salad and lemon bars. We had so much fun catching up with friends that we have not seen in a while and meeting members of Davids family. The only thing that couldve been better is that it couldve lasted longer! We began at 6:30 because of the heat, and when we were finished with the festivities, I wasnt ready to go!
Me, Crystal, Julie, and Emmie

Us with our men!

and being silly....

The future bride and groom!

My lovey and me

So funny! Julie kept getting in our pictures! I am still not sure if she was doing it on purpose, but it was funny!
Our guys didnt plan to match! But they had a hard time trying to light the torches!
Food Table with banner
This is the pic I took when I was making the banner!

Some Mason jars had mini carnations and daisies in them and some had candles.

Gift Table

Card cage

Our home made photo booth!
I am in love with the backdrop, it was a shower curtain from TJ Max!

Plenty of props to choose from!

And then it was gift time!
These two were so thankful for how blessed they were!

Thank you Julie for our hostess gifts!
I love hosting parties, I would do it all of the time if I could!!
We are now getting ready for her bachelorette/lingerie party, and her Bridal tea!!
What will I do next year when I have no wedding events??!

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