Thursday, September 27, 2012

Julie's Bachelorette Party and Bridal Tea

For Julie's Bachelorette party/ Lingerie shower, a few girls spent the night at her future in laws' lake house.

David's mom was there, and she gave this to Julie!
Joking of course, but how hilarious is this from the future MIL!?
It also had a gift card.

We all changed into our pj's early in the night, and enjoyed time on the pier with wine and cupcakes!

The rest of the night, we learned how to do the wobble (for the ones like me that have been completely out of touch with the latest dance crazes) and driving a full golf cart with 9 of us total, to a local graveyard. I am not into that, I chilled with a couple of others on the golf cart! The ride back sure felt a lot longer than the ride there, probably because the cart refused to take all 9 back. They took turns walking, but I stayed on the cart since my body was mad at me for the mud run earlier in the day.

We had breakfast on the patio the next morning, and it was so peaceful!
I would love to wake up here every morning!

Julie sent us all home with these fun goodies!
Thanks Babe!
A week later, we hosted a Bridal Tea for her.
Julie and her bridesmaids

Some of the yummy food!
Everybody looooves this pasta salad that Emmie's mom makes! So Emmie had to learn how to make it,  because she has been asked to make it almost every other weekend this summer with all of our wedding festivities. Everytime were getting our menu together, its always, "Emmie can be in charge of pasta salad"! Were gonna miss it now that we are all finished with our parties! Thanks Ems!

I was originally in charge of cupcakes, but couldnt help but get excited when I got the email that an aunt would be bringing Gigi's cupcakes!! Not because I didnt want to make them, but because I was soo looking foward to Gigi's!! They brought quite an assortment!
Wedding cake is always my choice, but it hit me after I got it that I have truly had my fair share of wedding cake this year being in 4 weddings! I should have branched out a little!

I am in love with this gift from Julie's aunt! The frame makes it extra beautiful!

Julie's friend Heather, made her adorable coasters with their engagement pics!

Gift from Shane and I-
"K" monogrammed salad plates and a Cmas "K" towel

Emmie and I in our game day wear!
War Eagle!

Our hostess gift this time was an autumn candle and I was sooo excited! I have been needing one, but always forget to get one when I am out!
 We have her Bridesmaides Luncheon this Sat, then it will be time for the rehearsal and wedding!! Can not believe it is already here!!

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