Friday, September 28, 2012

Caden's First Dance

When Caden came home with this little memo in his binder, I died a little.

What is it about a dance that makes him seem so big? I actually think it was a great thing and knew it would be such a fun time for them all! Cant explain the little bit inside me that screamed, "this is the beginning of so much more to come", and "only big kids go to a dance"! I know I shouldnt be one of "those" moms, but my whole heart is in that boy. Of course I chaperoned! Ha! Who in their right mind would think I wouldnt?! Obviously, this was a casual dance and no dates were involved at this young age, so IIIII was his first dance date! ;)

 Caden has been obsessed with gold lately. He wants to know all about it... how much its worth, can you buy things with it, is this real gold or is that real gold? The conversations are endless. So he gets gold from quarter machines and keeps it in a treasure chest in his room. He wanted to wear this gold chain to the dance and again, I died. Um, no. Until I realized that you could barely see it against his skin and gave in. Shallow mom here. I really thought about it after that, why wouldnt I let him wear that anyways? He is a kid using his imagination, and all I cared about was that he might have looked like a rapper or something. And he didnt, how could a rapper have this sweet face?!

Caden's best friend Liam
I hear about Liam everyday and it makes me happy that Caden found a buddy so fast!
Check out my boy breaking it down!!

His two fabulous teachers-
Mrs. Perkins and and Mrs. Burke

A view of how many kids were there! They had so much fun and I had zero anxiety!

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