Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

So after seeing all of the Disney lovers posts on FB about the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP), I suddenly remembered that this is the only thing I didnt post about from our Disney trip last year. My friend that helped me plan our trip, let me know right off that this was a MUST! Knowing myself, I would have insisted we attend anyways, but it was great to have her tips and help! Thanks again, Amy! Anyways, two of the biggest reasons she gave and I totally agree should be passed on is 1) This is the one of the only times you get to see the villains and other rare characters,  ( I mean, I am not a Disney pro, so someone may come back and say "oh yes you can" but to us this was the only time to visit with villains.) and 2) there is so much character interaction! Wow! It is so funny how we would wait to get an autograph that day, but yet that night, you could actually be on the dance floor with Goofy?! So cool! Aside from the dance parties, there is also, trick or treating, a parade, and fireworks. It does cost extra to get tickets for this event, but like I said, so so so worth it! For a lot of other tips on the MNSSHP as well as other Disney tips, you should visit this site, Tips from the Disney Diva. Here is how our evening went...
We planned our Pirate Day to be the same as the MNSSHP, two birds one stone kinda thing! So they fixed our little man all up earlier in the day! We did go back to the room for a nap in the middle of the day, because we knew it would be a long night! Then we took the ferry over to Magic Kingdom.

I love this picture!
Mom and I opted for Minnie ears rather than full on costumes!
I hate that the pictures from this night are so blurry..no idea what was going on, and I didnt want to miss out on too much fun by messing with the camera!
This is the first dance party with Stitch, (which suddenly became Caden's favorite character earlier in the week), Goofy, Pluto, and Chip & Dale.

We didnt spend too much time trick or treating, you can get candy at home, but we stopped a few times!

This fireworks show was great and you know, we were kinda busy getting engaged during Wishes earlier in the week!!
The villains put on a great show, too!

There are two options for the Parade, early or late. I recommend later, apparently everyone else goes to the early and its hard to get a spot, we had no issues with the later.
Not many good pics from this parade, but it was great!
We had a little more character time after all of those festivites!

So as we were approaching Capt Jack Sparrow, he was closing his line. Dont you think Our Capt Caden should have been given like a VIP pass or something in that line since he WAS dressed as him. Even though I was a little  ill with Capt Jack, I snagged this pic while he was finishing up his pics with other kids, who btw were NOT dressed as him! Ha!
We managed to fit in another dance party!! How much more could we have done this night?! It was so fun!

We were so exhausted, but it was def worth an extra ticket and extra planning! I am determined to make our next trip during Christmas holidays, so we can attend that party! (Not this year though!)
And now, one year later, I am officially done with blogging about our Disney trip!!

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