Thursday, September 6, 2012

River's Wedding- Lacey and Jeremy

I was so excited to be in Lacey's wedding! We have been friends for about 2 1/2 years and she was also in mine! The only thing I wasnt excited about were the extra lbs I gained from relaxing the month after my wedding, they are totally visible! We began our Friday with her Bridesmaids luncheon with such yummy food!
Her bridesmaids minus Alana
After rehearsal, we had a shrimp boil for the dinner. It was very good! Probably wouldve have been better for me if I didnt accidentally choose food from the "hot and spicy" side first! I had no idea there was a difference and I am such a baby when it comes to spicy anything!:)

Peach cobbler and Pecan cobbler with ice cream
The dessert is always my favorite!:)
 Ha --not hard to figure out how the extra lbs "slipped up"!

We all took a shot in honor of the bride!
The venue was so nice and peaceful! Out in the country with a lake behind. All of the girls got ready together in a cottage.

Brittany P and I
 you CANNOT even tell this girl is pregnant here!
With Lacey!
I love her dress! I am picky about wedding dress styles and I def would have worn this one!:)

These are Lacey's two little boys!
Kayden and Layne Parker
I love them so much and they were so well behaved and so sweet watching their mom get married! I know they are both so excited about having Jeremy in their lives! He is very good with them!

My lovey finally came with Caden!
Its so fun remembering your wedding day only a short month later!

The decor was so pretty!
They had THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST flower girls ever!
Jeremy's sister's 3 girls!
If I didnt have enough baby girl fever before, these sweet girls gave it to me!!
Lacey's step dad walked her down the aisle, while her father smiled from above.

I just love this picture of her Kayden. He is so into watching what is going on!

Such a sweet family!
Huge thanks to Shane for the ceremony pics!:)

These two were ready to break it down!

Beautiful cake! And so good as always!

With Lacey and Julie

Such a cute candy bar, with DMB lyrics

I love them!

Had to have a pic with my Kiki!
Miss you baby!

Caden warmed up on the dance floor and broke out a few new moves we have not ever seen before! Ha! Then he ended the night with a little corn hole!

I was so glad to be a part of their special day! I know it was everything she dreamed of! Love you Rivers Fam!

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