Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dreaming Pink

This month, I am coming up on my one year anniversary as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant! In October, my friend Skye and I were able to attend the fall retreat for our unit. Oh I am so glad that we did! We were so inspired and learned a lot, andddd it was so much fun! I love, love, love our director, Nancy. I always say that if someone quit as a consultant, then they never had a Nancy! I took pictures of everything! Do you fellow bloggers every feel so weird taking pictures of every detail so that you can remember it later?! Non bloggers may not understand!! Skye and I left on that Friday evening, we were able to stay with her in laws and head to the retreat on Saturday morning. Just our girl time was enough for me!

Nancy with Me and Skye

Some of our unit

We will have one!

pink caddy!

These muffins were made by the devil and I had like 14!!
They were so good!

Our adorable box lunches!

cutest napkin!

This was part of my inspiration board that we were told to make.
Mine was mostly full of family time, and do you see that baby girl down there? I want her too! Can MK give me that?!!

The focus was on positive attitudes. We were taught that the more positive thoughts you have, then the more positive the outcome! We had to rate ourselves on the above qualities to measure our positiveness on our own lives. Mine was great! ha! You may see that the only things I marked as unacceptable are my bank account and my investments. I going to try real hard to think positive about those so they will grow!! hahahah!

We were also given these babies and told to pop ourselves every time we had a negative thought! Ouch! As positive as we are, Skye and I were a little sore on out ride home!!

Marie the prize bee! Every break, they would come down dressed as the prize bee. You won just by being loud and excited. I won a cute cute clipboard by using the never failing spirit fingers!

Number one reason I love MK, They are built on the principles of God- first, Family- second, and Career- third. Please let me know if you would like any information on becoming a part of our unit! We have so much fun and nothing compares to the great relationships that are built!

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