Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tenants Turkey Time

We had our thanksgiving dinner tonight for the residents. I always arrange our parties around the kids. This time I had big intentions, but it all slipped up on us so quickly! I decided to have the dinner begin earlier in the day which gave them a chance to enjoy each others company without our little loves running around everywhere! A few of the boys came and ate after school. After dinner, one little boy went with me to take an elderly lady a plate. She tried to give me a check for the plate and I rejected. I kept telling her how we just wanted to bring it over to her. And the sweet boy said, " yeah that's all we wanted to do!" I wish you could've heard the sweet voice he said it in! The lady hugged me and thanked me and when I left she told me she loved me. Now I know people say it all of the time, but this meant so much to me. After we left I reminded him that we were serving others just like Jesus asks us to do and that we shouldn't accept anything in return for our services. I am so thankful for that opportunity to share that with them!

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