Monday, November 21, 2011

Palyn's First Pumpkin Patch

While I had Playn for a few days, I realized that she had never been to the Pumpkin Patch. Oh I just had to take her! She is 2 and I knew she would have so much fun. The week before, Shane, Caden, and I went to a different pumpkin patch. I had even just gotten Palyn a new pumpkin shirt from my friend Jen. All she needed was a matching bow and we were on our way!!

 ( A lot of sweet cousin pictures below!)
They look so big! I wish they were closer in this picture!

Mr. Baker picked us up and carried us up to the farm.

Caden and Mr. Baker
They had a lot of attention since it was during the week!

A little cotton pickin..

tractor chasin...

I love this unexpected picture!

Me and my boy!

A little swingin'...

playing on the hay...

it looks like Caden is coming to rescue her!

sliding down the hay

checking out the animals

Watching this lady feed the animals...
Caden was so grossed out!!

Palyn was watching close!

Their faces are so funny!

She loved the hayride the most

Which one?

Getting lessons on how to shuck corn from Mrs. Baker!!

I am so happy to have given this sweet girl her first trip to the pumpkin patch! We made some sweet memories that evening!

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Ashley W said...

The fact that all 4 of us share the same birthday cracks me up and now I realize that we must live somewhat close to each other because I see that you spent an afternoon at Baker Farm. Baker Farm is in Harpersville which is where we live. HA! Nice to meet you! I will be following!