Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vroom Vroom Vroom

When Caden received a good bit of cash from his friends and family for a birthday gift, I encouraged him to get something that we would enjoy for a while and not a lot of things that he would only play with a few times and then throw away. Thankfully, this is one time when he knew that he needed to listen to his Mama. His friend, Bricen has a little electric dirt bike that Caden was able to ride on once. He really enjoyed that and was happy to know that was one of his options. He saved all of his money until we made it to Prattville the next weekend and the three of us went to Academy. We finally found the one he wanted, after being distracted by hideous Ben 10 tennis shoes. (WOW! That was our first encounter with the character shoes, how do you tell them "NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT" to those without sounding awfully mean? Not sure how I did that day, but I did and we are Ben 10 tennis shoe free. Whew! ) Back to the bike- now he needed a helmet, which helmet? "Should we go with the full face helmet? Or the just on the head helmet?" Didn't spend too much thought on that one before we went with the full face one!

This picture brings tears to my eyes every. single. time.
I am so happy that both of my guys are so happy!!

And look at what we have here...

We came out later, and Caden ran to me because we was so excited that someone else in the neighborhood had one too! They rode and rode and had a great time! I loved how happy Caden was on that day! He could not stop smiling and afterwards he ran to me and said, "Mama, I cant believe that I met a new friend for next year!!!". Then he hugged me so tight. Can you say, Melt. My. Heart?

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