Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shane's Softball

A few months ago, Hyundia started up a softball league for their employees. Shane joined a team and they have had a couple of practices. I have always wanted to make it to one, but for obvious reasons (1:15 away) have not. I was so excited that they would be having a practice game with another team while I was in town! I asked Shane if I could make signs and stuff, but he said no!! Shortly after we arrived, we realized that the other team didn't show, so they just practiced and I was just happy to be there! They have an awesome sports complex there at Hyundia. It has a softball field and they are in the process of building another. They have tennis courts, basketball courts, and a playground all for the employees and their families. I thought that was so thoughtful of them!

My guys!

I loved that Shane didn't care one bit about dusting off his OLD bat bag and cleats! He claimed that they were only ten years old! God love him! Guys are so different! I guess it is a good thing that he isnt like me and didnt run out to buy everything because the league has slacked off and they rarely play now!

Check them out!

Heyy baby!!!
I swear I didn't yell out!

Caden enjoyed tennis with another son that was out there.

I mean he REALLY enjoyed tennis. I know a lot of these pics are the same, but if you look at his face closely, you'll understand why I couldnt leave any out!

I think he was trying really hard, which is something he has never done in another sport! That precious blow face!

In a conversation that we had later I told him that he didn't have to play any sports, but he did need to find something else that he liked besides playing video games. He said ping pong. Seriously.

Running to the playground!

We had a great day out there! Thanks Hyundia!

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