Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- A Few Ramblings

It has been two weeks since I have had a Wedding Wednesday post! I was out of town for work one week and super busy the next. But during those two weeks, I feel like I accomplished so much!
  • I got my dress! Well, I picked it out and ordered it. It is due in April. I am so excited because the dress is the what you dream of the most about your wedding day, after your groom of course!;)
  • My mom bought me an awesome chandelier that will be above us during the ceremony!
  • We got a tonnnn of glassware from random places. Like vases, candle holders, and more vintage inspired pieces.
  • Almost all of my bridesmaids have accepted! All of Shane's groomsmen have accepted.
  • Our moms will meet tonight!! And I will meet Shane's sister and her family for the first time. We all live in different towns.
  • My friends have been hard at work planning our holiday shower. If I could have only one shower, it would def. be a holiday shower! I am so festive! Our closest family and friends will be invited to this. I will also be given a tea from each of my churches, and a couple's shower from more friends in the spring. So exciting!!
  • Two sweet ladies from my church were going to be taking care of the catering, however they have had some unfortunate issues come up and will be unable. I completely understand and am not stressing about the search for a caterer closer to the venue.
  • I have wanted my bachelorette getaway to be a trip to Nashville in early June for the CMA festival. I want this so bad and am about to get serious on the arrangements! Any tips are welcomed!
  • I designed our Cmas Card/ Save the Date and should be receiving them any day! I am so glad that I thought to combine the two!
  • Our engagement gallery is closed and our photographer just had a baby! I should be able to order prints soon! Still am not sure how to choose! I will leave you all with the few that have been shared!

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