Saturday, November 19, 2011

Halloween 2011

It's ok that Im posting about Halloween the week of Thanksgiving, right? Of course, were all so busy!!

Saturday, we participated in our church's fall festival.
I tried to replicate Disney's Pirate make up!

Shane and I worked the Iron Bowl Toss.
The kids tried to ring the ball in the hole on whichever side they were a fan of.
Shane picked up most of the balls all afternoon and was pretty sore the next few days! Bless him!

After the festival, Caden went home with his friend and we finally got to go and see this movie! I was so ready because I waited a while to see it so that Shane and I could see it together. Julie and David joined us for the movie and we all loved it! It is so wonderful and I cried so hard!!

Sunday, after a birthday party, we came home and saw Brooklyn dressed as me for Halloween! How sweet?! And Caden was pretty excited about his Wimpy Kid book from Shane!

Kids Halloween Party

Caden didn't want to dress up this time, so he grabbed his clonetrooper helmet and star wars gun.
They are showing off their little monsters that they made!
We went trick or treating around the complex afterwards.

DeeDee and Caden
with Ruthie and Jenny

Monday night, Halloween, we went to my church as a child's festival. We attend every year. I helped my dad pass out sno cones while Caden jumped and then we were in bed by 8:30 on Halloween and that made me happy!!:)

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