Saturday, July 28, 2012

Centerpoint VBS 2012

This past week was Vacation Bible School at Centerpoint, the new church we have been attending. I volunteered to help and not even knowing me they put me with kindergarteners! I love those babies! If I went back to school, I would want to teach Kindergarten. Here are a few pics from our week...

This is one of the first friends that I made here in our new town, Amber.
She ended up teaching Caden's group.

In Kid Central, which is what they call the children's church on Sundays, they watch a character named "Skittles". He raps about Gods love and the kids loooove him! Skittles was kind of the main theme of the week and the kids were thrilled to see him there everyday!

This is Skittles motto and was on the back of our shirts!

I know that the kids all had a great time and learned a lot. I enjoyed meeting new people and loving on the children! I am now volunteering in the 3-4 yr olds every Sunday. Our family will attend the 9:30 service and then I will work and Caden will go to Kid Central during the 11:00. It seems to all be fitting together! One of the things that I love about this church is that not everyone knows everyone, so I was under the impression that I would be the new lady coming in and would have to find my place. Totally not the case. Everyone else there is still meeting new people everyday too, so it makes it a little more comfortable! Not that I have ever had a problem meeting anyone ;)

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