Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fair Field Trip

 Caden had his first field trip with his new school last week. It was to the fair, but no rides. Only to see the animals. I am guessing that a couple hundred kids getting sick on rides would not have been a good thing. The up side was that this only cost $3. Cheapest field trip I have ever been on! 

I met his class there and was in charge of sweet David, as well as Caden.  

We sat with Liam and began our day with a magic show.

Then we went in and saw a few farm animals.

Caden is amazed at how utters work and he always has a ton of questions!

We visited a petting zoo and the kids were able to buy food and hand feed the animals. While in this area, I witnessed something scary...a little girl in Caden's class had her back turned away from a llama, she had food in her hand and was chatting with her friends. As the llama reached it's neck around to the food in hand, it pinned its neck around the little girl's neck. I saw her face smiling and laughing the whole time, so it took a second for it to register to me that she could be in danger. I ran to push the llama off of her neck and she began bawling!! It was so sad and scary, but thankfully she was not hurt, just scared. I know that the llama did nothing wrong and it was an accident that really could not have been prevented, but I felt the need to tell one of the workers anyway. They agreed to have someone stand down in that area just to make sure that no one else got too close to the llama. "Bad llama" ---remember "The Emporer's New Groove"? I used to think that was the funniest cartoon movie until Madagascar came out! ha!
We brought our own lunches and were surprised by these fun notes that my mom had for us both! When I was little, I loved getting her notes in my lunch. It is fun to see Caden look forward to mine his lunch now!

Caden and I

We watched a wolf show where they preformed tricks like in a circus.

The boys enjoyed sno cones, it was so hot outside!

Then, the last event that couldnt be more redneck if it tried, like straight out of Honey Boo Boo backwoods..

The pig race...

Look at all of the excited little ones cheering on "their" pig!!

And the winner was....pig #2!! ha!

On our way out, I came across a Tucker's Pecan booth, which reminded me that I won a radio birthday drawing that Shane signed me up for. The prize was to be picked up from Tucker's Pecans, so Caden and I stopped in there after the field trip. We got a little ice cream while picking up our prize! Oh, and I finally got a woozie....wine koozie! Great first field tri, looking forward to many more!

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