Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Favorite Girls & Halloween Decorating

When we got home and our favorite girls were waiting on us, we were so excited! Shane picked up a cake for Caden, so that they could celebrate his birthday even if it was a little later. Mom kept him in his bedroom looking at things and when he came out we had his cake out and candles lit for him! He was surprised and excited! I got it on video too!! 

They are all three so beautiful!!

My Miss Priss!

I always buy Palyn clothes  and cant wait to dress her up when shes here. How grown is she in her Ralph Lauren skinny jeans and paisley top!

We went to the fair that night. Tuesday, they went to Sylacauga while I went on Caden's field trip with him. We all hung out that night while looking through old pictures. They found an old dance recital costume of mine as well as a picture of me in it! This is Palyn in my outfit with the picture of me in it! She truly shouldve been my child!!

Wednesday, we spent the day doing a little shopping. Vegetable soup had been in the crock pot all day and I made fabulous corn bread to go with it! Caden and Palyn went to Awana (church) that evening, and Palyn had the best time! I was so proud that she did so well! She never liked the nursery at our other church, but I think she likes being a big girl and doing "work"! Of course they loved her sweet self! Ryan treated me to a pedicure during that time! Thank so much, sister! It had been since late July, and was overdue! Mom spent the evening enjoying the peace and preparing a fire. We all quickly roasted marshmallows and made smores before bed! We always end up squeezing a lot in when they visit, but thankfully this time, we were able to have some chill time too! We cant wait until next time! Thanksgiving and shopping will be on the agenda! Miss them always!

I decorated our house for Halloween while they were here, too! Here are just a few pics...

While unpacking the Halloween decor, I saw that this pumpkin candle melted onto the face of this photo holder! It looks like he is taking a big chunk out of the pumpkin! Ha!

We have more inside, but this is all I have pics of for now!

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