Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fair with the Fam

When Mom, Ryan and Palyn arrived in town, I was subbing and Caden was still in school. Shane was able to spend time with Palyn as he taunted me with pictures and videos of them playing before I got home. She loves him so much and even tells me that he is her husband! She may be the only girl I ll share him with!!

The fair was in town that Shane and I (and Caden) had our engagement session at last year. We all went that night. This was Palyn's first time at a fair, and after measuring her height we went with the arm band for her as well. It was one of the first cold nights weve had, so we were all in our jackets and gloves for the first time of the year!!

Caden was braver than he usually is. I usually dont make him get on anything that goes upside down because I understand where that fear comes from, but other than that, I know that if I dont make him try it then he will pass up on everything for one reason or another. He usually loves the rides after trying them!

Palyn loves her "husband"

And of course, she is our girl so she is always in our family pics!

Caden is so sweet to her!
I know he is going to be a great big brother one day! He asked me this morning where a baby will sleep one day when we have one. I told him that the computer room will be made into a nursery when the time comes. He said he wants to put a snake in the room to scare the baby (this freaked me out at first) but he said he wanted to scare it so it would come into his room and get in bed with him to wake him up for school!! Ha!

This was Palyn's first ride, her face was so funny with those big, blue eyes popping out of her head as we spinned around and around!

This was a ride that only she and Shane rode, I was shocked that they made her get behind him. I think she was freaked out without arms around her too, because she didnt like this one!

This one was just for them! I dont do "free falling" rides! We took the kids through a "fun house" while they were waiting on this ride!

The scrambler! She was such a big brave girl, holding on tight!!!

The farris wheel!
This ride brought back the most memories from our sweet poses last year!

Palyn rode a mini free falling ride that Caden was too big for.

They also ride together in a kid roller coaster and she did not like it. It actually had hills that maybe frightened her a little much! She was much braver than Caden used to be! She was always looking for the next ride! Little dare devil! We better keep a close eye on her!

I am very well aware of my weight gain that shows greatly in these photos!! I have printed off a half marathon plan and started back in a body sculpting class, as well as cutting calories. So hopefully, I will soon lose this awfulness that likes to mostly show up in my face and stomach! Ugh!

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