Monday, October 15, 2012

Julie's Luncheon and Rehearsal

Julie's Bridesmaids luncheon was at Shoal Creek and everythign was so pretty!

Thank you for our monogrammed hanging bags, Julie!
The food was so good! It tasted just like my favorite plate from The Cheesecake Factory! Everyone was chatting about last minute wedding details and expressing their gratitude for how wonderful everyone had been during this engagement.  Julie is gaining a precious family and they are def getting a fabulous daughter in law! They are all so sweet! I really enjoyed getting to know David's family and friends during the festivities of the past few months!

The venue was the most gorgeous place I have ever seen! It was straight out of a movie!
Anderson Gail Farms
Julie and I

Shane and I
What sweet memories were brought back from a few months ago!

Emmie and I
We went over to the Best Man's house and hung out a bit, then Julie and I went back to their house to get our beauty sleep! We were so excited!

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zerry ht said...

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