Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Army Ants, Lady Bugs, and Fireflies

This is what the kindergarteners were at the
Indian Valley graduation program last week!

The school had a program everyday last week after Monday. I was so thankful that they broke it down to only 3 classes at a time! It made it a lot smoother and not as lengthy! I was also glad that the program made it less emotional for us parents!! We were able to laugh and admire our little ones, rather than cry and be reminded of what big boys and girls they are now! I held all of my tears until the end!! Caden had a part that said, "That's all folks, It don't mean a thang, if you ain't got that stang!" It was of course one that made everyone laugh!!
Big boy with his diploma!

He also got the Most Creative award!

This was their class cake for the parent's reception.

My First Grader! :)

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