Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Zoo Field Trip!

So as you know, Friday we went to the zoo on Caden's kindergarten field trip! We took him to school that morning because they had to ride the bus, then TaTa and I headed toward Montgomery. We ended up getting there with enough time for a little dollar store shopping! When we met the kids at the zoo, sadly, the staff did not have our tickets or arm bands ready. That only added to our delay. The school buses were going to have to leave in enough time to return for the kids to get out of school. Therefore, we got there at 10AM, got tickets about 10:30, lunch at 11:30, and meet back at 12:30. Bless their hearts! I felt like we were rushing them the whole time! I kept saying "Let's look and walk guys!" I felt so bad for them!

We had Caden, his friend Camden,
and another sweet little boy, Devan.
They had to take a picture with the "fruit loop" bird!

Caden liked the chameleon because it had a mohawk!

We got to get really close to this eagle,
 and learn about her!
Waaaarrr Eagleeeee, Hey!

Here was Melman!
Yes, we love Madagascar and name
all of the animals from the movie!

We went on a fun train ride!

Sorry so dark!

Here are some friends in his class!

He talked his TaTa into buying him a
snake at the zoo, and named him "Snapper"!
 We had a great time and plan on going back to
the Montgomery zoo, but only when we have all
day to hang out and not have to be rushed!!

We definately had more going on this weekend,
but I will post more on that later in the week!

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