Friday, May 28, 2010

K Play Day!

I remember one of the most fun days in elementary school was Field Day! Starting at the beginning of the year, we always looked forward to this day (along with the play for the year and of course, the field trips!)

This year, Caden's school had a kindergarten play day. It was the same as our field day minus the dunking booth, which I'm sure more than a few of us were wishing we were in! 
My sister, Calan and my cousin, Allanah were able to come and help us work at the play day. Allanah and I were assigned to the face paintings. I will admit that I was a little nervous about this, because I am not a very artistic person! The last time I painted faces was when the cheerleaders painted them at the fall festival! We did realize that Q-tips worked way better than paint brushes, although I'm sure that the face painting regulars were already aware of that! Here is some of our artwork!
Bless them! You can just tell how hot they all were!

I will admit that I was a little proud of my butterfly!!

Allanah and Elizabeth..
Wait, I thought Allanah was an Auburn fan!!

Calan was in the tattoo and bubble station
Calan and Caden

I was excited to see some of the same games that we played at our field days,
as in the three legged race, tug a war, potato sack race, and some relays!!

The three-legged race

Then they picked flowers for the best teacher,
Mrs. Buttram!

Next year, I don't think they will have a "play day". The first and second graders have AR celebrations and get to go to the park for fun activities.
We better get those AR points!!

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