Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mama - Caden Days

This is obviously what we call the days that Caden and I have together just the two of us, no friends, no family, just Mama and her little superhero. We have these days pretty often. At least one every other weekend. Yes... it should be more, but we are always on the go!

This past Saturday was a Mama- Caden Day! We woke up and went to Caden's friend Chance's t-ball game. They have one of the best teams and it was so cute to watch the little ones that really knew how to play!! We are crossing our fingers that Chance will make All- Stars!!

Watching Chance play!
(and thanking God that he didn't play this year!)

Then, we went swimming at our friend's house. They are out of town and offered for us to swim while they were gone! Caden has known how to swim since he was 4 by himself . I am very proud of him for that, not to mention it takes off a huge amount of stress around the pool!  We practiced our swimming strokes. I was on the swim team when I was in elementary school and think it would be cool for him to know all of the strokes. He was saying, "Are you teaching me to swim like a grown up?"!

He has had this little froggy towel
since he was about 3 years old!!

Then we chased this little guy around the deck!

Caden wanted to spend a little bit of his graduation
money, and this is one thing he decided on!

One thing that he got from Ms. Polly and his
TaTa was a dinosaur egg that you put in water for
three days and it then grew and cracked through the shell.

Day 1

Morning of Day 2

Evening of Day 2

Day 3

Big Dino!

We love Mama-Caden Days!

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