Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Saturday Fun!

Friday night Caden spent the night at his friend Payton Braswell's house! Saturday morning, I went to a jewelery party and then to pick him up at the ball field where Payton had a game. When I got there this is how I found him!
Notice his snake, "Snapper". He hasn't put him down since the zoo! I'm just taking a wild guess by saying that I bet those boys stayed up and played allll night!! After spending a little more time at the ballfields, his two friends came home with us!
Payton Braswell
Peyton Bowen

And we did the typical outside spring activities!

Blowing Bubbles

Sidewalk Chalk!
The boys didn't spend much time with this, but Mama did!

And Finally, pushing the power wheel 4-wheeler up
back to its spot!
Caden wasn't too happy about this one!!

Saturday night we went to the best recital I have ever seen! I took dance when I was little, but didn't after elementary school. I was super impressed by the show that Shirley's Dance Studio put on!! Here are some pictures of us before the recital.

Caden and Mama
My friend Rose and Me!

Rose and her daughter, Brook

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