Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Weekend

Friday, I couldn't wait to get back over to spend another weekend relaxing with Shane. I stopped to get Caden McDonald's before we left. He got chicken nuggets and a strawberry lemonade slushie. The slushie didn't settle to well on his empty stomach and by the time we were in Pville, it was in my floor and all in my purse. Ugh!! He took a relaxing bath when we arrived, and everything was better except the disgusting mess. I threw away half the contents in my purse and even the purse itself. Yay for no virus, and a new purse! We spent the rest of the day taking down Christmas decorations and the tree, and Shane got to make use of his attic space for the first time! haha! It will be full once all of the holiday decorations make their way up there! That night we ate at Beef O Brady's, where Shane embarrased me by wearing an awful Alabama shirt with Hawiian flowers across it. (He is rolling his eyes reading these right now, I am sure! Love you!) 

Saturday morning, Shane played golf and Caden and I hung around the house. This began the 3 day streak of "bowl game watching". Auburn played that night and won, so that was good! After hearing neighbors out shooting fireworks, we opted to do ours a little early as well.

Poppers were his fave!

Sparklers run a tight race for top spot with The Poppers.

I posted this status to fb and got a lot of sweet responses..

"I remember this very night last year, I posted on fb that I refused to let 2011 be like 2010. I meant that with everything in me! and with the good Lord leading the way, 2011 was not only better than 2010, but it was the BEST YEAR EVER!! As for 2012, I have a wedding, fabulous honeymoon, and wonderful man to become my husband and Caden's daddy!! Thank you to all that were here through the bad and the good times!! :)"

We let Betsy girl out with us, she was so funny! We finished watching Auburn, then were in bed by 10:30 on NYE. Wow! We brought in the new year with excitement! Ha! 

On Sunday morning, we visited a church that we have had intentions on visiting for a while now. Centerpoint was very welcoming, especially to be such a large church. I was impressed with all that they have to offer, especially mission opportunities. I know that we will find the right church for our family. I will continue to pray for the Lord to lead us where He wants us! After church, we ate at Ruby Tuesday's and Shane had to pick these up in the Jim N Nicks drive through on our way home.

Poor thing! I should've cooked for him!
I like black eyed peas, but not greens. However, I did take a little bite just in case my not eating them, has cause me to always be broke!

We tried to make smores that night, I like an assortment of chocolates on my smore's! Some Reese's on one, maybe a little Krackle on another!

How cute is our new outdoor fire pit from my mom for Christmas? We couldn't get the fire started so we spent a little time on Caden's new trampoline from Santa.

I love these pictures, of my guys wrestling around.

Wow, I am a chunk here! But look at that boy's big smile!

Monday, we were ready to get out for a bit. We walked around the mall a bit, then stopped in Edwin Watts and Lifeway, before checking out Costco. Shane has always used Sam's, but was curious as to if he should make the swap.

In Edwin Watts

We did make our smores on Monday night, but it was too cold to do anything else!
And as for resolutions, I kind of slacked on making them the past few years other than demanding that 2011 would be better than 2010. I really need to lose a good 15lbs before the wedding in June, so even though weight loss if the typical resolution, it must be one of mine! The others would be to spend more time alone with God, be more organized, and to be a shining example of what Christ wants in a woman.

Pinned this last night, I already weigh less than her starting weight. I would love to be her ending result. Time, oh time, I NEED YOU!! I decided to set it as my phone wallpaper for a little inspiration hahaha!

Happy 2012 everyone!!

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