Thursday, January 12, 2012

Skinny Cow

As I have been trying to make better eating choices, these past two weeks, (excluding the weekend! ha!) I get an incredible craving late afternoon for something sweet. Which then may or may not lead to an impulse buy of a hot brownie sundae at BK. I knew that I had to get something to satisfy those awful cravings! 

 Have you tried any of these?? I checked out the display at Wal Mart on Monday, but decided against them since most "diet" candies are not so yummy. On Tuesday, I had to make a quick run in for ONE item. We never make it out with only that one item, do we? After studying the display once more, I decided to try out these...
Ohhh myyy heavens, they were so good!

I have decided that this was a good decision, because I would much rather satisfy my sweet tooth craving with 120 calories rather than 234324354 of them! And yes, I will only eat one pack!! Go get them RIGHT. NOW.!!

(Info below copied from this site because Im too lazy to describe them, and they did a good job!)

You might recognize Skinny Cow from the freezer aisle: she's that svelte heifer on boxes of low-calorie ice cream treats. Up next in her low-cal indulgences: chocolate candy.

The new Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp candy bars (110 calories each) are a cross between Kit Kats and chocolate wafers. The bars are airy and light, and make you feel virtuous. They also came in a peanut butter flavor, which wasn't peanut buttery enough for us. We know the stuff is caloric, but this just felt like a tease; we preferred the milk chocolate instead.

But we were more into the Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters (120 calories per bag), which could almost pass as mini 100 Grand bars. Both milk and dark chocolate varieties are crunchy and swirling with caramel. The only downside: each bag has only six clusters. Grr, portion control! We'd almost prefer them smaller if it meant we'd get to nibble on twice as many.

Diet treats in general trend towards quantity over quality, and the new products from Skinny Cow are no exception. They're enjoyable enough considering their size. But the real benefit, as Ed mentioned in 2007, is portion control. Sure, we could have a fifth of a Norwegian Kit Kat for the same amount of calories, but we'd probably end up eating the whole thing.

Skinny Cow's message: go ahead, indulge in the entire bar. Just try not to eat the whole box in one sitting.

Skinny Cow candy is available for $4.29 per pack of six.

(I paid $3 something, I think)

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