Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am pretty sad that I didn't get to finish posting about our Disney trip while it was still fresh. I am hoping that I can still remember the details of our days. We visited the parks in this order: Sat- Arrival and Downtown Disney, Sun- Magic Kingdom (proposal), Mon- Hollywood Studios, Tues- Epcot, Wed- Animal Kingdom, Thurs- Hollywood Studios, Friday- Magic Kingdom (Halloween Party), Sat- departure. This would be the only day for Epcot, so we knew it would be a long one!

Caden picked up his Kim Possible watch, which would allow him to do missions in each country. Each mission took about 5-10 min. So you could have spent all day just doing missions. We had to act like you could only do them in one country, or we wouldve been lagging around all day. He enjoyed the ones he did though.

Marie from Aristocats

Auora from Sleeping Beauty

completing a mission in France



A little entertainment

Jazmine and Aladdin

In Germany



Snow White

We recorded a video from Snow White to Palyn! It was the best! Palyn loved it!!

We had to wait before crossing the bridge, the globe was passing under to get ready for the fireworks show that evening.

Viking Caden in Norway

Puppet fun in China


Fun by Shane and me in China

Mama and Caden left earlier, because they were tired. Shane and I enjoyed this space ride and the fireworks show alone!

These Mickey Mouse rice crispy treats were the devil! They were everywhere and so good!!

Caden was reading to his Disney buddies when we got back to the room.

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