Thursday, January 26, 2012

Those random best days

I have had a lot of days full of randomness here lately. Its so hard to get back in a routine after Christmas break. I am just going to share some highlights from the past weeks. 

I kept Mary Charles for Skye last Wednesday and I was in heaven! She is just the prettiest little girl! And I am not kidding, she is so good! I have never seen her upset, ever. Please let my next child be this good!!

That afternoon, Caden and his friends all played dress up while waiting to go to church. This was all from a costume bag that my mom has kept from different things shes had! They were so funny!

On Friday, Caden had a dentist appointment. He let his 3ds keep him distracted while waiting on the dentist.

Caden is notorious for eating stuff straight from the fridge. Like cheese, cool whip, whipped cream, bacon bits, etc. It really frustrates me to find these random messes. He gets in trouble, but Shane tried a different approach this weekend! I had no idea and this is what I seen when I opened the door!

On Sunday, Shane had to work, but Caden and I still went to the new church. Caden has been staying with us in service, but I wanted him to try the children's service this time. He was very shy the whole time. We live in a town where we are used to knowing someone everywhere we go. This was just a small taste of what is soon to come. I know he will enjoy it there. Everyone was so nice and they have a ton to offer the kids.

When Shane got home, he grilled out good good food! The past two Sundays, we have grilled and I think it should be an every week deal! Caden didn't have his fishing pole, but that didnt keep him and Shane going to the neighborhood pond. And I came running behind! They were just messing around and he showed Caden what to do. Caden has sadly probably only fishing about 3 times ever. Maybe he will enjoy it this year with Shane. We have his pole waiting by the door to send back with Shane this weekend!

Saw Mary Charles again this Tuesday, I asked her Mama if I could take her again! So yes! I got more time with her sweet cheeks!

This Wed. these two friends found a four leaf clover, and I was a little jealous! I have never found one! Good Luck boys!! Your Mamas are the ones that need it!!

These are from a couple of weeks ago, I just never posted them.
 I missed two of my favorite little girls and needed to go get girly with them!
Karlee got a little mani!
She was ready to show off her newly polished nails to her girls at school the next day!

Haigan and I played Minnie Mouse and Princess Dora!

Hope you enjoyed my rambling of our best random days!!
This weekend will be so busy, Shane and I are going to a marriage retreat on Saturday. I am hoping for a little Cheesecake Factory after! And Sunday we will be taking Caden to the circus! I am not sure Shane has ever been to the circus!!

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