Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hollywood Studios 2

Our second trip to HS for the week was nice and a little more relaxed, we had already completed half of the park. We were so lucky to have a limited crowd, and little wait times on the best rides!! We loved Toy Story Mania and Aerosmiths Rockin Roller Coaster, I did not brave Tower of Terror. Call me crazy, but I just don't like those kinds of rides! Caden and Mom left this park early evening and Shane and I decided to get a few more times in on the Rocking Roller coaster! Actually, that one takes the place of Everest, which I claimed in my last post to be the best ride for me at Disney.

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich!

Disney Street Party

Learned a little about Mr. Walt Disney himself

Hung out with Monsters Inc guys

watched the Indiana Jones show


And another parade!

Mr. Incredible

A Bug's Life



Toy Story

We had lunch at Pizza Planet from Toy Story

Watched this Extreme Stunt Show

Starring Lightning Mcqueen

found Mary Poppins Umbrella

and Caden missed out on these guys, but we got their autograph for him!
(please diragard my mom shorts, they dont feel like that when im wearing them! wow!)

And ended the night together again!

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