Saturday, January 21, 2012

Animal Kingdom

So one of the first questions people usually ask about Disney is, "Are you going to do all of the parks?" Well of course we did, except for the water park. I didn't really know what to expect about Animal Kingdom. My mom actually dreaded that one, we were all in for a surprise. We loved that day, and in our opinion, it had the best rides!! We only had one day and were unable to fit it all in. I was sad that we missed the Lion King Musical. I know that if you go to Disney more than once, you can do this in one day, but we had to try everything! This is full of so many pictures and so little words!! I warned you...

Entering the park
I love this sign, especially since we were newly engaged!

Rafiki greeted us at the entrance!

in front of the tree of life

headed to see A Bug's Life, which was one of the best shows we saw!





Pluto and Goofy

I love this! So funny! Posed, of course!

Outside of the cute Nemo show

waiting to get soaked on Kali River Rapids

We ate lunch soaking wet at Tusker House.
You can tell how tired Caden is with his birthday cupcake!

See the tree lady? See Caden's face?!!

Tree of Life again

Mom and I in front of Everest, which was our favorite ride of all Disney!!

A little resting before the parade!! baby wipe on his forehead to cool him down!
only at Disney do you let them sleep in the street!

Hi Goofy!

How cute is Minnie's truck?!


and Mickey!

 kilimanjaro safari tour

Mom and Caden on the safari ride



Brer Fox

Safari Mickey

Do not skip Animal Kingdom! It was one of our favorite days!!

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