Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas with the Fams

After our Santa morning, Shane's mom, his sister and family came up to our house to have Cmas. We had so much food after they brought tons of dips and desserts, it was unbelievable! I was so happy to have both his mom's side and my mom's side together. Everyone gets along great and it really helps out combining those two. Caden was happy to have so much time with Tata!
Tata and Caden

I made these North Pole smoothies

Caden was very excited about a Ben 10 movie that he had actually asked Santa for.
He and Shelton, Shane's nephew, get along great!

A Bride and Groom ornament!

Caden and Shelton

Blowing Bubbles


Palyn continued her lipstick applying outside.
It was a beautiful day, so we spent time out.
Shelton and Sawyer both gave Caden's bike a little try.

Adult gift opening!
Shane and his sister got their mom a laptop together, and I loved her reaction!

On Christmas Day, we made our way back to Childersburg. We stopped by Aunt Lisa's to visit for a moment before we had to go to the Nelson's. The food is always so good here! As you can tell by the below photo, everyone in the Nelson fam loves a little nap!

Caden showing Thomas his new 3ds.

Ben, Connie, and MawMaw Helen got Caden a tennis raquet and tennis balls.

On Monday, I took off to Target and Hobby Lobby to see what I could find in the fabulous day after Christmas Sale. I got a few more rolls of wrapping paper and the silver initial ornaments for our stockings. I also picked up a cute round platter at HL. Not too much damage, all in all! We celebrated Christmas with Shane's dad that afternoon.

These two boys had a lot of game time together this weekend!

Shane's Sister and nieces

The three of us, ending our first holiday season together!

It was so incredibly hard to go back to work on Tuesday. But also, comforting knowing that we had another long weekend just around the corner! Buttt, I gained 3 lbs. :(

I hope everyone remembers the reason for the Christmas season.
Thank you Lord for sending you son Jesus Christ to die for me and my sins.

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