Tuesday, June 19, 2012

End of School, End of Our Time

I had prepared my self emotionally for the end of this school year, for it was more than just that for me and my little man. For us, it was the end of our time in the town that I had raised him alone this far. We have both made so many friends here and it was sad to say goodbye. So sad, in fact that I couldnt actually say those words. I get very emotional at times like those, and I just had to laugh and smile and say, "we will see yall later!" just like it was another weekend away. I know it will be much more than that, but I couldnt bear to let myself get that emotional, especially when trying to be strong for Caden. I tried to stay focused on him and make sure he was holding up well, rather than thinking too deep about the tears coming up behind my eyes. On that last day of school, he held up well by walking around and socializing with his different friends that he has made over the past years. Some we spent every weekend with, some just during ball season and school events. But I know they are all so special to him. I assure him that any of them are welcome to come and stay the weekend with him anytime, our new town is only about 75 miles away, and we have a lot here to entertain them with!

His biggest concern about moving has in fact, been missing his friends and making new ones. We have been spending a couple of days a week at the YMCA closest to our house and most times Ill pick out a little boy that looks around Caden's age and isnt acting obnoxious, and I begin the conversation for the two. If he was a little older he may be made fun of for his MOM making his friends for him but hey, it is the only way it will get done right now!! On a side note, back during new years festivities, Caden accidentally dropped a sparkler and made a small fire in our back yard, scaring me, but Shane rushed to put it out before it got any bigger. Well, listening to Caden's conversation with a new friend the other day, (helicopter mom? maybe) and heard him talking about how he set the back yard on fire....."WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Caden, Caden, Cadennnnnnn!!! We do not tell people about setting the back yard on fire!!!" Even thought it probably tied into what they were talking about before and he wasnt trying to sound like a bad kid, I could just imagine that child telling his mom about the new kid setting his back yard on fire. Yeah, I may need to do a  little more coaching on making new friends!!! ha!

Praying for new friends (not to replace old ones ;)) for Caden and ourselves has been a priorty of mine since I knew about our move. We (Caden and I, Shane could care less if we made any new friends!) are being patient and letting God put them in our paths. Shane has a friend that he has known for a while, and we just love their sweet family. We have had a great time with them and know that they will continbue to be a huge part of our lives.

Here are a few pics of Caden's last day of school-
Caden and his best friend Payton enjoying a popcicle

The kids had about 6 blow up slides/bouncies, hula hoops and jump ropes, a dj, a bubble machine, and the "misting station" below!

Most wanted more than a little misting! Ha!

This was moving day as well, so I was running back and forth !

Caden loves to hula hoop, esp around his neck.

Caden and Karlee
It was hottttt!!

Caden with another friend, Brody
Brody has relatives in our new town adn these two made plans a while back for him to come and stay a weekend with Caden. C has not forgotten because everytime he tells someone where he is moving, he invites them and lets them know that Brody H. is coming too!!:)


Sandiebras said...

I am so happy for the new life Caden and you are beginning with Shane. We will certainly miss you both but will definitely come and visit y'all in your new town. Love you!

Sandiebras said...

I am so happy for the new life Caden and you are beginning with Shane. We will certainly miss you both but will definitely come and visit y'all in your new town. Love you!