Sunday, June 24, 2012

Honeymoon Day 1

We woke up about 2:45 AM on Sat morning to make a 2 hour drive to ATL airport and then boarded the plane around 9:20. 

We have been so excited about this honeymoon and as you can tell by my face, we were ecstatic to finally be taking off!

Had to take a cloud photo for Caden!
When I left him with my sister on Friday, he asked where I was going. I told him Mexico, he said, "really? Well bring me back a lei or somethin!" Ha! Maybe a poncho, but not a lei!

Last Sunday, in church, a family got up and gave testimonies about their recent trip to Mexico. I was of course crying by the end of their video of them plus a few others, building a house in a week for a Mexican family. In the mom's testimony, she mentioned how she was thankful for our paved roads and grass in America. In Mexico, only the main roads are paved. Looking down from the plane, I was seeing exactly what she meant.
After landing and making it through the "much less of a hassle than USA " baggage claims, we were greeted by this nice man. He escorted us to our driver.

(Dont get me wrong, Im totally thankful for the detailed checks America makes
 you go through at the airports)

Before getting into the car, we were given these warm, wet towels and a bottle of water for the 30 min commute to the resort. En route to La Playa Mujeres we were.
 Upon arrival, our name was not found on any list to enter the resort. After we were greeted with a "Welcome home" and champagne at the door, we made our way over to the front desk where they could also not find our name. Thank goodness, Shane had our reservation forms with us and showed the nice gentleman. To which he responded, "Ohhhh, you're EXCELLENCE CLUB!!" That is why our name was not on the list. I asked what the meant, and he told me it was like a VIP. "Oh, well yes, I will take a VIP any day!" Thank you Sugar Plum Hunny Bunny for making sure that we had the honeymoon upgraded package! We had to make our around checking out everything until our amenities were available.
Apperently, it is no big deal if one of these guys jump out in front of you on the walkways! They still freak me out. Like, I could just see one jumping up onto my ankle. I would totally be THAT tourist girl then!
Our first stop was the Lobster House, and Love Bug checked out just what all of those extra amenities were!
What a nice Honymoon banner we were greeted with! Now for the annoying room pics!
(Hey, I didn't post them know what a jacuzzi tub looks like!)

All of the snacks in the room that are normally an extra charge at other places...Yep those are included here. Just take what you want and they will replace it. NO charges.
Going out to eat. The camera fogs up when out of the room because of the temp change.
Shane tried ordering a fruity margarita, and the waiter looked at him and said "nah, Ill bring you something special." He liked it, it was some sort of sour apple but with spices in the glass.
We chose a Mexican restuarant for our first night. Just felt appropriate!

This is an all inclusive resort, so all meals, snacks, and drinks..yes alllll drinks...are included. In America, we are so used to huge protions that we would feel incredibly sick after consuming a full course meal. We laughed at the portions here because they are so small, but in all honesty, they are just right and all we need. Check them out..

Sir, your choice of drinks are a little girly!


The entrance of the restuarant had a lot of these candles that just melted down and the wax stayed and they added more candles. I thought they were cool.

We spent a little more time out and found the beach. And then it was time to call it a night!
Good Night from Playa Mujeres! ;)

(Many may be wondering why I am blogging from the honeymoon. I will have a better memory of what happened each day if I do it now, rather than when we return. It is kind of relaxing too! Right now it is raining so there is nothing else going on either!)

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