Friday, June 22, 2012

Post -Wedding Week

So our Monday after the wedding began pretty hectic. We made the 75 mile drive home to Cburg to catch my friend, the officiating pastor of the wedding, before he boarded the plane back to Philly. We forgot to get the marriage license signed on the wedding day !!! Craziness!

We made quite a few more stop in Sylacauga, before heading to Alex City and back home to Pville. On one of our stops, I saw this gentleman working on this sculpture, right in the middle of the town we called home the past few years. Isnt this nice?!

On Tuesday, Caden and I ran errands around town making returns and exchanges.
On Wednesday, I kept the two cutest little boys for Shane's friend. Those two big boys ran off to the golf course! Caden, Zach, Nathan, and I had a great day at home. The oldest is so growny, but they are both so respectful and well mannered. Zach told me that Caden better learn his manners more before he gets a baby brother or sister. I tried telling him that Caden knows his manners, but forgets to use them, which is even worse! 
We took a walk down to the pond.

And had to get all of the rocks out of their shoes before strolling back.

I promise I didnt pose them for this one! I just thought it was so funny that they were playing parts in Star Wars, but then realized I shouldnt let them shoot at each other!!

We picnic-ed on the trampoline, they looove the trampoline and always want to bounce!

And they finished up the day playing Ben 10 toys and watching RIO.
Their daddy said they keep asking for their mommy or Mrs. Brittany the next day!!

(That's the first time I have ever written "Mrs."!! ha!)

That evening, Caden and I went to the movies to watch Madagascar 3.
We looove Madagascar! Why did I not love this one? It was cool, but not as funny. It also got better reviews than the other 2?! Weird.

On our way home, we stopped and got our Sonic 1/2 off shakes to celebrate the first day of Summer!!
These instagram photos had our "at work daddy" very jealous!
 Thursday morning, Caden and I went to pick up Shane's  our niece, Logan. She is staying with my mom to help with Caden during our honeymoon. When we returned I had a little prize waiting on me! Shane was sucha sucker at Belk and bought himself as well as me new cologne. Both with free gift bags! Ha! I told him I need to find husbands like him to buy Mary Kay for their wives!! Thank you, love bug!

One of the things I love about our new town is the community involvement. Every 3rd Thurs. they have a festival called, "Magic on Main". Local shops and vendors set up booths along the side of Main St. They have food, music, and crafts, etc. This was our first time visiting and there was not as many people as I expected, but I am almost positive it is because of vacationing and summer time!

"Sweet Frogs" is a yogurt shop in town and they were out strolling the streets!

We also ran into this poodle!

And how about "monogrammed toilet paper"?!

We ended the night with the Mary Kay Botanicals mask!
Excuse our dirty mirror! Havent cleaned it since everyone got ready here on our wedding day!

We didnt completely abandoned Shane this week. He is on night shift and sleeps during the day!
Saturday morning at 3 am we will be headed to Atl airport for our honeymoon to La Playa Mujeres!!:)

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