Monday, June 11, 2012

Lacey's Bridal Tea & Tennis

I am not sure if I have mentioned it on here or not, but I am in four weddings this year, including my own! 3 of my bridesmaids are getting married! Actually one got married last weekend, and it makes for a busy season! I am so excited for Holly, Lacey, and Julie! The day after Holly's wedding, we had a bridal tea for Lacey. 

Blushing brides?!
I was so in love with her cake! The design and the taste. We will argue with anyone that we have the best cake lady around!!
All of Lacey's Hostesses

Lacey and her mom, Teresa

She got a lot of wonderful gifts and I know she was so grateful for everyone that came and spent the afternoon with her!!

At the end of the tea, I was finally able to see me other friend/ MK director, Skye's brand new, as in one day old to her, FREE Mary Kay Malibu!!

I am so proud of her, I could cry!
 I am next, hold me accoutable!!
How cute is little Hadyn's head in the back?!

When I got home, my guys had cooked out and were ready to go play tennis. I was tired from a long weekend, but of course I went with them! I was all ready with my new raquet but was quickly asked to leave the court. I am not so good! This cheerleader mom is better off taking pictures from the sidelines!!:)

Caden always makes this face when he plays, I like it because it looks like he is trying so hard!

Fun times with my guys! But they may want me to stay home next time!

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