Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Honeymoon Day 3

On Monday, we had breakfast at 7 AM and left the resort for what we didnt know would be a 2 hour communte to Xplor. We were told to take towels, swim suits, and shoes that wouldnt fall off. 

You can tell we just woke up!

These are all of the activities we enjoyed for the day. We took a waterproof disposable camera, but we didnt see a flash on it so we are really hoping that they turn out! These photos are off of the Xplor website and are obviosly not us!
Those are gators down there!

It was both of our first time to do any of these activities. Zipling was so cool and by far our fave! I wasnt nervous until it was time to go then I could not stop laughing! Please go zipline ASAP! Dont be scared!


The cave rafting was cool, the only thing was that a lot of the rafts got jammed up together and I started then, feeling a little closed in with so many people and no where to move. They should probably space the people out a little more to make it more enjoyable.


This was probably my second favorite. We swam for about 30 minutes throught the caves. There were no creatures swimming with us, other than a few little fishies! I was sure to ask. I however didnt care for the bats in there with us! They probably could say the same about us!

Amphibious Vehicles (ATVs)

These were really cool, Shane drove and I endured my heavy bladder on the very bumpy ride! I really enjoyed it though, we drove through caves and water.

We stayed at Xplor all day until about 5 pm. We spent all day in our swimsuits and no shoes. My monthly pedicured feet shockingly handled themselves pretty well. I  hate being barefoot, even inside, so I couldnt believe I was ok with that! I kept leaving my sweet man behind a little. His feet were killing him on the rough grounds. I joked that it would be the same way when I was 60 and he was 80! HA! We dont really have a 20 year difference, just 12!:)

After our long, cold drive back, we got ready for dinner.

We chose Spice, a Chinese restuarant. Those lights behind us were changing different colors. 

They by far, had the best sushi I have ever eaten. And the food was the best I have had here!! Sooo good!!

After dinner, we lounged out and watched a little bit of this show.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for no rain today!:) I need to have more beach and pool time! Not to mention, I have not been able to do anything with my hair at night!

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