Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Holly and David's Wedding

Last Saturday, was my friend Holly's wedding. Holly has always been that friend that has set the best example. She has had a heart for the Lord since she was a child, and it shines through her each time you're with her. She and David had a short engagement, but still managed to pull off a very sweet and detailed wedding. As soon as Holly told me about the engagement, I was so happy for them and I had no doubts that David was the one that we had all prayed for Holly. Holly relocated to North Carolina after the engagement. I didnt know any of the others in the wedding party other than her brother. But everyone was so sweet, just as I imagined they would, being friends of hers. It was a wonderful weekend celebrating Holly and David!

The Friday evening rehearsal, Holly had no problem letting them know just what she had envisioned!

After the wonderful BBQ dinner, Caden and I stopped by my aunts. She was keeping Palyn for the night and we had to stop by and get our lovin! You would never believe until you saw these two in person, how excited they get to see each other! Squeals and giggles!! Palyn keeps saying she is ready for "her" wedding and to wear "her wedding dress"!! I love it!!

Holly getting ready on her wedding day!

This was just too precious! They chose not to see each other before the ceremony. He came to her room before to hold her hand and they sounded like two little kids, asking how the other was and saying their "I love you's" in shaky voices. Adorable!

I took a picture of this cake set up before the ceremony, isn't it beautiful?

Holly walking down the aisle with her dad

The parents praying over the children's marriage

Holly's beautiful train

The entire ceremony was a worship service. So wonderful to glorify God during this special time that He created for them.

David and Holly wrote their own vows and right after she finished, I thought he was going to lay one on her right through the veil!

So sweet and happy!!

My other best friend from high school, Ashley and her family, with Caden and me

My dad and Connie
Caden had a great time playing outside with the other kids

They left in this!
This was my first wedding that had the sky lanterns! I LOVED THEM!!
If we didn't have so many trees at our venue, this is exactly what we would do!!

And of course, no 2012 wedding is complete wihtout Caden's break dancing moves!!!:)

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