Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Fairytale Proposal

I was determined to have a good seat for Wishes, so we got our seats a little early and Mom ran off for what felt like forever with Caden. I kept chatting with the people behind us, but Shane remained standing and looking around for Mom and Caden to come back. I kept telling him he could sit and they would call when they were looking for us, but he still stood looking around. Not long before the show began, they finally made it back with a Disney manager lingering behind. She introduced us and he commented on what great seats we had. He left and a few minutes later Mom decided to make us all get up and move toward the Rose Garden. As I was making my way through the concert like crowd, I was thinking she was crazy and how we should have stayed where we were! When we got over to the Rose Garden they told us to go up and take our picture in front of the castle. In the middle of taking pictures and the fireworks lighting up the sky, my sweet love got down on his knee and said, "Brittany, will you marry me?" I could not stop smiling and starring at what was in his hand.

My engagement ring in a glass slipper!

Leave it to me to be so ecstatic that I forget to say "yes!". I was so happy that I couldn't cry, I just wanted to jump up and down and scream! They announced the engagement to everyone standing around and they all applauded. We had the Disney photopass employee taking pictures us and I am so glad, because the camera's flash was not working too well. We are buying the photopass cd, so I will be able to share those later. We spent the rest of the night calling family and friends and just being excited!! Wouldn't you know my phone would be dead and I was going back and forth between Mom and Shane's phones to call everyone. I cannot believe that it all turned out so sweet and so perfect! I could not imagine a better story to tell grandchildren!

My mom made these signs that said,
"He asked" and "She said OMG!"
They were on Mickey ears!

This was the picture everyone kept asking for!!

Sweetest part yet...Caden asked Shane the next day if this meant that we will never break up. PRECIOUS.

I am so excited about planning this wedding! As I have seen on Blissfully Burton, I will begin a Wedding Wednesday weekly post to share the details of my exciting adventure! I have already been on the ball trying to get the big things behind me! Here is what we know so far, the details will be broken down later. Our date is June 16, 2012.  Our venue is The Elms in Coosada, Al. Our photographer is J. Woodbery Photography. Our catering will be done by Mrs. Teresa Wood and Mrs. Peggy Martin. I will have 8 bridesmaids, so Shane has some work to catch up the groomsmen! My close friend from school, Jere, will be marrying us. We have a lot more to decide on and book, but this is so much fun!!! 


Blissfully Burton said...

ha, ok, i read out of order!
I LOVE your gorgeous ring and the mouse signs are SOOO freaking adorable!!! You guys look so happy! I don't even 'know' you but I am sooo excited for you!!!! What a wonderful time in your life!!

Brittany said...

Thank you! I am the same way..I can't wait to hear about little harpers arrival!