Monday, February 20, 2012

Disney Pirates League- Meet Hector Gunskull

As soon as I found out about The Pirates League I knew I had to make our reservations immediately. I also made sure that I scheduled it on the same day as the Halloween Party, that way he could wear his pirate get up all day. You have to reserve a spot at The Pirates League. You can go here to make reservations. You will need to do this right after making reservations for your trip. They fill up fast. You do not have to pay for it until youre there, but you do have to leave a card number to reserve your spot. With the basic package, which is what we did, you get....pirate name, makeup, sword, eye patch, bandana, earring, teeth, and sash. We picked up this costume at Wal Mart for about $20.  It was such a great experience. I would recommend it for boys, and girls that may be too old for princesses.

Spinning to get his pirate name

adding his name, Hector Gunskull, to the book

Before, as Caden

His tat went on first!

Getting fixed up!


Battle Scar

And beard!

Check it out!

Adding the earring!

And saying the pirate pledge!

Here is your sword...


This is one of my favorite photos from our entire trip!
precious little pirate face!

Us with our pirate boy!

"Now, can you handle what it takes to be a pirate?"

You also get this certificate!

With Pirate Goofy

We had to let him take a nap in his pirate make up and costume. We were sure to touch it up before the Halloween party that night, though! Mama paid close attention to her special pirate make up techniques!

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