Monday, October 17, 2011

Fair Fun

So, we did it! I have been so excited and we finally took our engagement photos at the fair on Saturday. We first went to the golf course that Shane plays at, because they have an area with an amazing view. After that we went to the fair and paid an arm and a leg to get in. Its ok though, cause we captured memories!! The ones that I saw after she shot them were ahhhhmazing!! I cant wait to see them all! I had to change afterwards, but the guys just stayed in what they had on. I think we did a good job of getting Caden in just enough shots as well. The weather was great, we didn't even need jackets! Caden trips me out because he has been riding age appropriate rides since he was a toddler, however he never fails to freak out before getting on one. Even the swings. Seriously. I always make him ride them, because he would never get on anything if I didn't make him. The agreement is that I wont make him ride anything that goes upside down. You are about to get a huge laugh from these pictures!!


Scared of the swings!

Look at Mama being brave!!

Fave pic that we took! Caden looks so funny!!
We were on the pirate ship.

This is his fave!

The scrambler..

Our awesome carnival cup!

Best guys!

Yes, I am serious!

Shane heard about them before we went, and we said we would share one just to try it.

It was good, but so weird.
Maybe it would be better if you didnt think so much about it!

We did let him enjoy some kiddie rides, those lines were very short!!

We had a great time! Cant wait to get our pictures back!!

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